The Lazy Git Introduces...

Discover How To Create Simple Websites In Less Than 60 Minutes And Collect Automatic Payments Of $649.28 or More Every Month!

"Lazy Git" (Layzee G-it); definition: A Lazy Bum, but Healthier, Wealthier and Happier...


I will be launching LazyGitMarketing Ver 2.0 Later in 2011

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If you want to be a "Lazy Git" like me and still make cash, take a minute to soak in this letter and discover...

How making a simple website, sending out 2 emails, and 15 minutes a week earns me a nice residual check every month.

Why this system works even if your site gets ZERO traffic.

How you can build these sites for free (or on a budget) using my personal blueprint as a guide.

The secret to automating the creation of Lazy Git websites, so you can grow your paychecks each and every month.

Dear fellow "Warrior",

The truth is I'm so damned lazy it tool me months to realize I'd stumbled upon this money making technique.

My buddy helped me to come to my senses (even though he knows nothing about making money on the 'net). We were chatting next to my computer over a beer when that month's payment came in.

"What's that? Why the heck did someone just send you $62?" he asked.

I was proud. So I said calmly...

"I Get $62 Cash Automatically Sent
To My Inbox Each Month For
30 Minutes Work I Did Half A Year Ago!"

(If you're skeptical that I was really making $62/month for a tiny bit of work months before... then you're probably giving me the same look my friend was.)

"No way is it that easy to make money online," he said in disbelief.

He wanted to know exactly how I did it. So I told him step by step what the Lazy Git Method was all about...

Create a simple content website using templates and content you can find for free on the web.

Make Google LOVE your site with my simple 8 step method.

Send two quick emails to let my secret sources know you've got ad space for sale on your site.

Sit back and wait for my secret sources to sell your ad space and send you cash each month.

My friend only had one question... "Why do you have just one of these sites!"

My jaw dropped. He was absolutely right! I'd been too lazy to even think about adding more sites. One site was making me $60.00/month, what would 10 sites make me?

$649.53 per month. That's how much the Lazy Git method is bringing me with 11 sites...

Want To See Some Proof?

Just 11 of these sites have made me $11,823.50 over the last 18 months. That's an average of over $650 each month. Here are the screenshots of my paypal account to prove it...

Mar 07 - $785.75

Feb 07 - $780.50

Jan 07 - $712.25

Dec 06 - $649.25

Nov 06 - $686.00

Oct 06 - $647.50

And I've got another 12 months of these receipts..

Getting Started Is Easy...

You can create 5-10 of these sites in a day. It took me a little more than 12 hours to get the 11 sites that are making me cash ready. And they only take 20-30 minutes a month to maintain TOTAL.

(That means with less than 24 hours of work, I've earned over $11,000.00 so far. Or an hourly wage of more than $450 just so far...)

Now I'm automating the process and adding advanced tools so I can put out 20-30 sites a day. And in my special report, "Lazy Git Marketing" I spill the beans on everything...

The "Lazy Git Marketing"
Special Report Will Reveal...

How to quickly and easily create targeted links that people are willing to PAY you money for.

Forget trying to bring traffic to your site... you don't need any!

The experts say to pick a niche — but HOLD ON, you don't want to go too small. Here's why...

37 markets that are just WAITING for you to apply the Lazy Git method.

How you can make even MORE money in the adult market.

The Lazy Git method for selecting a domain name. Throw the old rules out the window, you won't need them this time around.

28 domain name templates that work gangbusters. Just throw in your keyword!

Where to find free software to help you find dozens of available domain names in one click.

The webhost I discovered who lets me run unlimited websites for $25/month!

Why most of my content sites have less than a dozen pages, and some far less than that. How low can you go?

The blueprint for making special Lazy Git websites that make you cash.

How to set up a Wordpress blog (including 5 essential links).

Collecting cheap or free content for your Lazy Git website.

The 8 step method to a Google PageRank of 4, 5 or higher.

My 3 top secret resources for listing my web space for sale... they sell links on my page for me!

Let's Wrap This Up

The Lazy Git Marketing special report will show you my simple step by step blueprint for making a residual income WITHOUT the need for TRAFFIC or hard work. The system works for me (you've seen the proof of my earnings.)

I outline my blueprint and all the tools you need to follow the Lazy Git Marketing system in my special report. Because I'm lazy, I'm going to price the special report the same as my competitors do: $147.

BUT... as an introductory rate you can have access to the Lazy Git Marketing system for $97. The offer is ONLY good for the next 200 customers. After that, I'm immediately bumping the price to $147.

Update [22nd April]: 200 Early Bird Discount Copies Sold Out. The Price is now Just $97 and will go up again to $147 as soon as the next 200 0 [CLOSED] copies have been snapped up!

Note: I challenge you to find another site showing exactly how to make money month after month from simple websites with NO TRAFFIC, at any price!

Try This System For Free!

Needless to say, I'm loving the Lazy Git Marketing system. I'm making easy, easy cash while working 20-30 minutes a week.

I want you to feel the same way about Lazy Git Marketing. And if you're not absolutely thrilled after taking a look at the report... I don't want your money.

Here's how it works: Click the link below to answer a few questions and gain access to the report. Read through it as many times as you feel you need to. Then make your decision.

If you don't love what you see. If it's not exactly what you were hoping for. Just write me an email within 28 days of purchase and I'll return your investment ASAP. That's a full month to try it out for yourself and decide!

Either you love Lazy Git Marketing or you don't pay!

Take Action Now... Then
Get Back On The Couch!

Listen, if you're anything like me, I know it can be hard to make a decision, but this really is a "no brainer". The Lazy Git Marketing Method doesn't need AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Leads, List Building, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, or even any Traffic! It's so simple.

Lazy Git Marketing is at the lowest price it will ever be at RIGHT NOW. You need to lock in the secial introductory price now, before it goes up. Just click on the link below and answering a few questions. Once you do, I'll get an email with your name on it in my inbox, and you'll have instant access to the easy money system.

I want to see your name in my inbox! Join me in being a Lazy Git Marketer now! Click the link below immediately and I'll talk to you on the other side.

YES Matt, I Want to Bank a Truck Load of Money Every Month as a Lazy Git..
I Understand that by ordering now I will receive immediate access to Lazy Git Marketing for just $147 $97


I will be launching LazyGitMarketing Ver 2.0 Later in 2011

If you Want to get on the "early bird" notification list and get the new version at a special discount then please sign up to the notification list below....


PS How lazy must you be for this system to work for you? Well, it took me less than 12 hours to set up 11 Lazy Git Marketing sites and they've made me $11,823.50 in the last 18 months. I spend about 20-30 minutes each month "working" on them, now that's being a Lazy Git.

All in all, I've spent less than 24 hours on Lazy Git Marketing. Would you put in 24 hours for $11,000.00? Then congrats, you're lazy enough!

PPS Remember, only the next 200 0 [CLOSED] get Lazy Git Marketing at the introductory rate. After that the price jumps to $147.00. If you click the link above now, an email will shoot into my inbox letting me know you took action. Do it now!

PPPS Here's a bit more detail on the awesome bonuses I've put together for you to make the Lazy Git Marketing Method a real "no brainer"..

Bonus # 1 -- PR Ninja

Value => $97.00

PR NinjaDescription: This reciprocal link management system quickly and easily finds relevant, high quality sites for you to exchange links with, emails the webmaster of each of those sites to request a link exchange, keeps your link pages updated and makes certain each site you've exchanged links with continues to link back to your site.

It has a built-in FTP client and a link page generator with templates you can customize.

In other words, it provides you with an all-in-one link manager so you can build a powerful link network that helps your sites rise in the search engine and gain free traffic!

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Effectively searches the Web to locate countless sites that are relevant to your own and carry high page ranks.

  • Saves you a huge amount of time by performing most of the link generating tasks for you.

  • Provides the ability to build and manage your link network using one convenient and powerful program.

  • Gives you a fast and easy method of gaining quality links that can improve your search engine rank.

  • Allows you to automatically monitor each of your link partners to make certain the link they've provided is still in place and active.

Bonus # 2 -- Instant Content Creator

Value => $97.00

Instant Content CreatorDescription: This software guides you step-by-step through the entire process of easily creating your own articles.

This includes brainstorming topics, page templates, a title, the article itself, author's byline, and optional product link, keywords, and description. The finished article can be exported to text or HTML and a built-in FTP feature allows you to easily upload article pages to your server.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Makes it a lot more convenient to quickly and easily step up the amount of articles you produce.

  • Increase your visibility and traffic by giving search engines more of the quality content they're looking for.

  • Gain countless backlinks by supplying and distributing articles that other webmasters and ezine owners can publish.

Bonus # 3 -- Mega Private Label Article Pack

Value => $47.00

Description: 650 Private Label Articles in 20 Different Niches.

What easier way to get started with your own sites than use content already written by someone else!?!

With 650 article across 20 different topics you've got more than enough content to start creating your first batch of sites.

Topics include: -

After School Activities, Blogging, Cigars, Coin Collecting, Diamonds, Family Budget, Fishing, Gambling, Gardening, Google AdSense, Home Schooling, Job Search, Making Money with Articles, Newport Beach, Paint Ball, Podcasting, San Diego, Scotch, Ski Vacations and Sports Cars..

Bonus # 4 -- Private Members Forum

Value => $67.00

Description: The Lazy Git Marketing Private Members Forum is where you can ask me questions, find out the latest things I'm playing with, what works and what doesn't, and share ideas with other Lazy Git Marketers

Bonus # 5 -- Tutorial Videos

Value => $47.00

Description: Six simple tutorial videos coveing the basics of how to get up and running quickly with the Lazy Git Marketing Method.

Bonus # 6 -- Free Updates for Life

Value => $67.00

Description: The LGM Marketing Method is an active part of my business, and as such I am always looking for ways to make it quicker, easier and more profitable. Whenever I discover new ways of doing so I will update the manual.

Bonus # 7 -- List of 400+ Web Directories

Value => $97.00

Description: This is my personal list of directories for submitting sites to with over 400 directories, most of which you can submit your sites to for free..

That's over over $500 worth of bonuses that you get to keep whatever you decide!

Remember it's only $97 for the next 200 0 people,
so grab your copy now before the price goes up to $147!


I will be launching LazyGitMarketing Ver 2.0 Later in 2011

If you Want to get on the "early bird" notification list and get the new version at a special discount then please sign up to the notification list below....

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